Things that you’re allowed to do in college


If you’re still at high school, you’re probably counting down the days until you can finally fly the nest (bye, mom) and go to college. There’s a reason everyone says that your college years are ‘the best years of your life’ – because they are! Yep, everything is different at college and enters you into a realm of intellectual stimulation, independent living, and a *little* bit of debt, and a heck load of partying. Wanna know what’s even cooler? There are so many things you couldn’t do at high school, that’s totally normal at college…

Eating by yourself

When you were younger, you probably looked at people who were sitting and eating alone and thought ‘awww, I hope they’re okay.’ As you get older, and as you take your first steps into the world of college, you’ll realize that eating alone is part and parcel of being a (kind of) adult. There are two reasons why college students love to eat alone. One: because it gives them a chance to actually get away from people (living and studying with the same people is pretty intense). Two: because college students are normally in a rush, so spend about 10 minutes in the cafeteria inhaling a sandwich before going to their next class.

All-nighters and intense study sessions

At high school, teachers forbid all-night study sessions, because you need 8 hours of sleep a night to function properly! Hah, good joke. At college, you’re lucky if you get 8 hours sleep a week. Although college is all fun and games, there is also a lot of studying involved (y’know, you are kinda working towards a degree) and this studying needs to be fit into an intense schedule of classes, seminars, and extracurriculars. This means 2am study sessions in the library are the norm.

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Skipping class

If you skipped class in high school, your teachers would search the grounds for you, you’d probably get suspended, and your parents would have to come and pick you up. Embarrassing, right? Well, in college, it’s kind of expected for you to skip one or two classes every month or so. Whether it’s because you can’t bring yourself to get out of bed, or you’re feeling a little rough after the frat party last night, it’s totally okay to skip class and catch up on the work online.

Drinking all day, erryday

Okay, this one isn’t quite true – we don’t mean ALL the time. But we do mean most of the time. Drinking and partying is a huge part of the college experience, and you can expect dorm parties and frat parties to be a regular occurrence. You might find yourself drinking from a keg upside-down, or playing drinking games… even if you have a 9am lecture. The aim of college is to train your body to function on little sleep and a lot of ‘liquids.’ Wanna know the trick? After-party pizza.

Sleeping… anywhere

A college student’s ability to sleep anywhere really is something that has to be seen to be believed. When it comes to exam season, students will be found sleeping on the library tables, on the campus park benches, in the cafeteria, or on their bedroom floor. Seriously, if there is a surface… a college student will be able to fall asleep on it. It’s all about short and snappy naps to rejuvenate you for your next class. You’ll learn, don’t worry.

Are you going to college soon? Well, make sure you brush up on the things you’re allowed to do in college before you go…

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