What Students Aren’t Told About Life After Graduation

For many college students, the idea of life after graduation is like a constant theoretical dark cloud on the horizon. While those who have made it to the other side can eventually say “it’s not so bad”, the mere concept of leaving campus life can be terrifying. Most all of us are guilty of pushing ‘unpleasant’ thoughts to the back of our minds. Then senior year hits, and suddenly it seems like everyone else is being picked up by big companies such as Microsoft and Google, or is otherwise somehow unexplainably employed before you’ve even finished studying for finals. While it’s natural to be nervous, we’re here to let you know for a fact, there’s no need to worry! To prove our point, we’d like to share with you some of the things that no one tells students about life after college (yes, it does exist!).


The first thing most graduates do is scramble to find a “real job”. You need to face these two harsh facts:

– The job market isn’t in the best condition. However, there’s no shame in taking that shift job at the AppleB’s. Remember, it’s all transitional!

– While a lot of baby-boomer aged parents still see a college degree as a direct ticket into professional success, a LOT has changed. Your hard work wasn’t for nothing, but don’t hold yourself to their standards.

It’s easy to get caught up living in your own little college bubble, and sorry to burst it, but life after school doesn’t follow a set curriculum. Colleges like to provide students with the illusion that things will be far easier because. The truth is that things will only become harder from here on and there will be times when life tests you to the absolute limit. You are probably not ready for the real world because you will not have the experience or preparation therefore you need to be ready for a really rude awakening!

Your ability to make it in the big bad world after college will be based solely on your own hard work and dedication. Your talents will only get you so far, and your downfall will be the result if you procrastinate. You need to understand that there are no handouts, short cuts or people that you can pay to get you through this crash course which is known as life. Everything from here, depends on your input as what you put in will be what you get out.


Lastly, don’t be afraid to fail and don’t ever let anyone discourage you. Question everything and never settle until you have the answers. When you have finished college, don’t just become a college graduate; become someone that is capable of solving problems.

There are many graduates that will work tending in a bar in the evening and working using their skillsets during the daytime until they find their feet. All they have to do is to remember how important it is for them to stick at it, because it will all be worth it in the long run.

Another thing that graduates are never told is that if they really want to succeed and be successful they have to go far and beyond the boundaries of their own comfort zone. It is not necessary to move home, although most graduates will move neighbourhoods, and it is really important to do things that they would usually be scared of.

Therefore, if you the graduate, has never let the neighbourhood which you live in, it could well be time for you to pack a bag and set off on your travels. If you still live with your parents and have done all of your life it could be time for you to move into the city and secure yourself a new job.

Finally, if you try out all of these things you may not be happy or impressed by the outcome. You should still be really proud that you have taken the plunge, and believe me it is far easier than you can possibly think.