The perfect summer movies for a college break


When you’re not outside basking in the sunshine while you can, what better way to spend a few hours watching a classic summer flick? The great thing about summer movies is that they’re feel good – so even if the weather’s not as sizzling as it should be, it’s easy to immerse yourself into a blockbuster and momentarily escape for the summer.

Grease (1978)

This musical romantic comedy, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, is a must-watch for those summer nights – it’s full of cheesy feel good dance numbers as well as heart-wrenching ballads that will have you weeping into your popcorn. Grease is one you can’t help but sing along to and root for Sandy, who by the end is a good girl gone bad, all in a bid to tame T-bird, Danny. It’s the summer movie we want (woo-hoo-hoo)!


My Girl (1991)

Set in 1972, My Girl is a coming-of-age flick that follows the highs and lows of 11-year-old hypochondriac Vada Sultenfuss. Through a series of events that brings about drastic changes in her life, she depends on an unlikely friend (played by Macaulay Culkin). They go bike riding together and play in the woods, but beware: possibly the saddest scene in film history ensues!


Jaws (1975)

As shark movies go, there are a lot, and you could spend a whole summer trying to find a good one. Look no further! Jaws, directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, depicts the story of a popular beach resort in big trouble when a great white shark arrives and attacks unsuspecting swimmers. It’s up to local sheriff Brody, a marine biologist and an old sailor to save the day.


The Notebook (2004)

This 1940s flick follows Allie and Noah, played by Hollywood staples Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, as they fall deeply in love, much to the disapproval of Allie’s parents. Noah leaves to fight in the war while Allie becomes involved with another man. When he returns, it is clear that their romance is far from dead. This movie is an emotional one, so have tissues at the ready!


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl (2003)

This movie screams summer due to its sea setting. This fantasy comedy with an all star cast sees blacksmith Will Turner join forces with rum-loving Pirate Jack Sparrow to save his one true love and governor’s daughter, Elizabeth Swan from cursed, undead pirates – which as you can probably guess, spells trouble.


Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild tells the story of a recent university graduate who decides that he wants to walk a different path in life. He may have been a top athlete and had some of the best grades in his class, but he gives all his savings away to charity and embarks on an adventure, hitchhiking his way to Alaska. This movie is a great one to watch when you’re on summer vacation from school or college, as it shows you what possibilities are out there after your studies have finished.


So yes, we know it’s hot outside and you should be making the most of it, but we’re sure you can make time for one of these movies that are simply ideal for summer. Whether you want to sing loudly, sob quietly, or scream in fear or excitement, with the flicks above, we’ve got you covered.