Majors that you should pick in college


When it comes to your college years, there are certain decisions that will arguably affect the rest of your life (no pressure). You need to decide which college you want to go to, whether you want to live on or off campus, and what major you want to study. The latter is quite possibly one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make – but it’s not easy. For some people, choosing a major is extremely difficult, as they don’t have a distinct career path in mind. Of course, it’s always important to pick a major that interests you, but if you need a little help check out these 5 majors you should pick in college…


English Language and Literature

Choosing to study English Language and Literature as a major will be an incredibly smart decision – trust us! English gives students the chance to learn incredible skills that will help them in further study and their career paths. English gives you the chance to enhance your analytical skills, your creative mind, your reading repertoire, your critical eye and your moral compass. All of these skills are attractive to any employer, and English is often seen as a gateway degree. From this major, you could continue your study at postgraduate level to study subjects such as law, publishing or journalism or even go straight into the world of work.

Computer Science

It’s no secret that technology is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, and computers are a huge part of that. Choosing to major in Computer Science will put you ahead of the game when it comes to software and engineering and gets you thinking about the future. Your studies and your application could change the course of technology as we know it – how cool would that be? A computer science major exposes the student to the likes of artificial intelligence, robotics, coding, programming, numerical analysis and language recognition, which are all skills that are in-demand for technology companies. However, the main aspect of Computer Science is the ability to problem solve, which can be used for any career.


Have you ever looked at some of the best business minds in the world and thought, ‘I want what they have?’ If you have, a business major is a perfect way to get you on your way. However, a business degree isn’t for the fainthearted. You’ll need to be outgoing, a natural born leader, a quick decision maker, a risk-taker, a great mathematician and you’ll need to have excellent communication skills. Once you have those, you can enter the world of high-profile business in a second. You could work for the biggest countries in the world, or you could start your own. Money makes the world go round, so why not learn how to make it?


You know what they say, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ so it makes sense to study how to get on friendly terms with those people you need to know. Those who study communications as a major are natural storytellers with extroverted personalities employers love. This major also gives you the chance to analyze and write your own presentations and speeches to incorporate certain messages and emotions. Who knows, one day you may be writing the president’s speeches? Communications major can lead you in the direction of a career in politics, journalism, business, education, PR and more. It’s worth it!


When it comes to choosing a career path, many people look into areas that can’t be taken over by robots (thank the computer science majors for that) and look at jobs that will always be needed. One of those areas is nursing – as people will always need your help. Of course, you need to be passionate about helping others and caring for them, but a nursing major will give you numerous skills to get you further in life. You’ll learn some of the intricacies of medicine, diagnosis, evaluating and treating everyday health problems. Once you’ve got your nursing degree, you’re ready to get started in the professional world, and you can even expand your knowledge further if you specialize in certain departments.

Are you struggling to choose your major? Maybe one of these will spark your imagination…