Low Cost Business Ideas That are Perfect for Students

College is a special time in any students’ life; they can live on their own, make a new circle of friends and try out many new things, some for the first time in their lives. It is the time where every spare penny goes towards books, tuition, living expenses and beer! It can be hard to find a decent paying job as there is no way the student can commit to a full-time position, however, what is there was another way to make a good additional income on the side, surely any student would want to give it a go?

When I look back at the four years that I spent in college, I had several businesses on the go that kept me from plunging into debt. Some of these were full-time when it came to my summer breaks, but I managed to work them around my classes even during the school year.

The following are some of my favorite entrepreneurial ideas that the majority of students could do and better still they are all tried and tested by me!

Niche blogging

Starting your niche blog can be rewarding, and it is also a very low-cost business that you can start while in college. All you need to do is find something that you are passionate about and start creating content. As you find your audience grows you can then take on some affiliate marketing which is just sending referrals or leads to other companies.


If you have a passion for sea fishing, you can easily start a blog for this topic. Write your content, create some videos, create a Facebook page and so on. You can then make money from the site by affiliate marketing. You could write reviews about particular types of fishing equipment and recommend certain pieces of equipment or a must see fishing video. Next, you set up the affiliation between you and other companies (this is easy, and there are numerous tutorials on the internet available for free). Once you have all of this set up you can begin to recommend companies that sell similar equipment; you link their posts to your reviews and when the reader clicks on the link and buys something, you get paid the commission. Amazingly enough, there are companies out there that will pay as much as $100 per sale!


Computer Repairs

A computer repairs business is cheap to set up and quite an easy business to get into. Personally, I began fixing computers for friends and before long the word had got around, and the business came to me!

If you want to branch out with your computer repair business rather than keeping it campus-based, only you will need to think about marketing. There is no need to spend much as you only need to print off some flyers and business cards and you are ready! I found it best to target the more affluent areas off campus to drop off my flyers, and I also included a few testimonies on the flyers and my website address for the business.

For anyone that is good with computers, this is the perfect business idea for a college student. Make sure that you are polite and courteous to your customers and as helpful as possible, (always think repeat business). Do not try and baffle your clients with computer jargon, stick with simple language that they will be able to understand.

Buy and Sell

It is highly likely that you will have had some experience of buying or selling (maybe both) over the internet, and this is probably one of the easiest businesses to get off of the ground. Although there are a number of online selling portals, from experience I would advise all students that are new to this particular money making idea to start with Craigslist as it is the easiest for starters of all abilities.

Use your knowledge to source products that are listed at a bargain price, for example, if you know an awful lot about vintage clothes, jewelry, etc. keep scanning the classifieds, and it won’t be long before you can pick something up for pence, then describe correctly and make a good profit. Craigslist also has an App that you can download for free so that you can keep up to date with bargains even when you are on the move.

Household helper

Lawn mowing is a good business particularly in the summer months, and it requires little start-up capital, particularly if you keep your eyes peeled and check out the offers on Craigslist for a week whacker, push mower and ride on mower if you set your sights high! You may also want to invest in a small trailer so that you have something to get your equipment from A to B.

If this doesn’t take your fancy, maybe you have a penchant for cleaning if so this could be the idea business for you and all you need a vacuum and selection of cleaning supplies, and you are ready to begin.