The importance of rowing in college


You might consider yourself the athletic sort, but, you may also find that there are certain sports you won’t be able to do easily in college. And, there’s no guarantee you’re going to make the team anyway – sure, there are scholarships available, but these are very exclusive. Rowing is a good sport to take up in college because everyone potentially has the opportunity to row.

There is actually a lot of choice when it comes to the US college rowing scene, and we’re not just talking the Pacific Northwest and Ivy League schools. There is a lot of choice, but, you also have to keep in mind that it is highly competitive as well. Rowing in college is a great way of keeping fit and making friends, but, it’s also an excellent way of following your passion. So, what can you do to give yourself a better chance of getting onto the college rowing team? Here are a few suggestions:

Do your homework

Treat this as you would a job interview. That means you need to do your homework and find out about the colleges that offer great rowing programs, alongside an excellent faculty. All the questions you would have, and would ask, about getting into college will also apply when you are a rower too. But, you also need to consider whether you’re likely to be accepted to these colleges and whether you will make it onto their rowing program. It’s better to get a lot of rowing time somewhere than to spend most of your college life on the sidelines.

Pay a visit

Doing your research is important, but nothing compares to actually paying a visit to the college in question. So, the next part of the process is an application and a visit. This is something that should be exciting for you, but you also need to make the most of it. During your visit, you will get a feel for the college, and the surrounding area – and you will also learn a thing or two about the programs they have there. While you’re there, you should try to develop a correspondence with the rowing coach if you possibly can.

Avoid basic mistakes

There are plenty of basic mistakes that new applicants and recruits make, and these are important to make sure you avoid. Making the same errors as everyone else is not likely to get you chosen for the team. Find out what the common mistakes are so you can avoid them – ask the coaches if needed. Keep in mind that this is a team game so you will need to sell yourself to the rest of the team, not just the coaches. You also have to make sure you are on your best behavior at the beginning of college life, you don’t want to develop a bad reputation.

If rowing is one of your high school passions, this is likely to be something you want to continue doing in college. And, that means you have got to understand the importance of rowing in college, as well as how you can make sure you get selected for the team. Prepare and plan so you can be sure to choose the right college for you, and a rowing team that is going to fit in with your personality and interests.