Helpful ideas for jobs you can get on campus


Let’s be honest, college is expensive – and when you’re a teenager, finding the money to pay for college tuition fees, accommodation, food, text books, transport and having a slight (ahem, or major) social life, stress levels can run pretty high. Where are you supposed to get the money from? You’ve already asked your parents for money, you’ve gotten through your own savings, and you can’t afford to travel into the city for work each week. There’s only one option… work on campus.

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There’s only one thing college students want more of – and that is coffee. This means the college campus coffee shop/stall/cafe will be the social and educational heart of the university, and always looking for staff to serve the caffeine and sleep, deprived students. Although you do need some skills to work as a barista, you can learn most of them on the job which makes it the perfect student job. Not only will you (probably) get free coffee whenever you want, you’ll also meet new people and meet new friends (who doesn’t like the person who’s giving them coffee?) and make money. What could be better?

Library attendant

If you’re looking for a job where you can punch in, do your thing, and then punch out (no-hassle-no-problem), then a library attendant role would be perfect for you. With thousands of students checking books in and out every single day, as well as leaving them strewn around the library there will always be something to do, and it’ll be quiet so (if your college is nice) you can plug in your earphones and listen to an educational podcast while you work and earn some dollar.

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Campus Tour Guide

Most college students are snowed under with work and educational commitments to even think about getting a job, but sometimes the demand for money becomes so great you just need a little money maker every so often. If that is the case, working as a campus tour guide is the perfect college job choice. Most colleges have certain times of the year where they work on getting new undergraduates to choose and attend the university, and they can’t do it by themselves. Your job as a tour guide will be to show prospective students around the campus, as well as give your own take on college life. Because this is not a full-time position, you can normally pick and choose when you can tour people around, and the money isn’t too bad for the work you have to do!

Administrative Assistant

Although colleges do not like to make it public knowledge, many universities hire their students to work as an administrative assistant at the beginning of each term. These administrative tasks could include answering the phones, answering emails, or filing away all of the paperwork. It’s not the most entertaining of jobs, but the college will normally be extremely flexible with hours (as long as the work gets done each week!) meaning you can fit it around all of your other work. These positions normally fill up quickly, so make sure you enquire before anyone else.

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Event Caterer

Many colleges hire their students to work in their on-site restaurants or cafes, but if not – they will more than likely hire them for their events. Throughout the year, colleges put on numerous events for alumni, staff, students and more and will need event caterers to work for them. This is the perfect job role for people who can give up a fair bit of time, but not consistent time to earn a bit of extra cash. These events are normally spaced out, meaning you can carry on with your studies and work occasionally.