Everything you wanted to know about Juilliard


Juilliard is best-known for being one of the top schools for performing arts in the United States, possibly even in the world. The New York-based school, in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, was established in 1905, and is one of the go-to schools for those looking to learn about acting, singing, and performing in general. With some of the most prestigious art programs in the world, Juilliard is an institution in its own right.

Anybody who wants to make it in the world of performing arts will almost certainly be familiar with Juilliard. In fact, it is one of the places you might have earmarked to attend if you fancy a career in the performing arts world. But, before you commit yourself to Juilliard, it’s important to find out more about it. Here are some of the things you always wanted to know about the school.

It has some very famous alumni

Don’t think Juilliard’s is just a school for those who haven’t made it yet – the school has some real pedigree. And by that, we mean that some of their alumni are major stars of screen and stage. Among the most famous people who attended Juilliard are Robin Williams, Jessica Chastain, Kelsey Grammer, Val Kilmer, and Morena Baccarin. So, if you are planning on attending Juilliard, rest assured you are in great company!

There’s no traditional curriculum

Juilliard is what’s known as a performing arts conservatory – another name for a school of music. As such, the school doesn’t teach a traditional curriculum to its students. Attendees will learn about performing arts, and, of course, a history of music is vital. But, there will not be any traditional lessons in things like math, history, English, and science. Despite what you might have heard, these are topics that Juilliard does not teach, as the focus is specifically on drama, dance, and music.

Free events

Students of Juilliard will have the chance to attend pretty much all the major Juilliard events for free. These are limited, and you will need to apply for free tickets, but this is an essential part of the culture of the school. Try to make sure you check out some of the best free events the school is throwing, and not just in your discipline. It’s a great way of meeting people, building contacts, and absorbing the beauty and magic of performing arts.

The school is smaller than you would think

Juilliard is a very exclusive school, and to get the opportunity to study here is one of those opportunities you simply can’t let pass you by. There are only around 400 undergraduates here, and another 400 graduates, making a grand total of 800 people in the student body. That means that your classes will be smaller and more intimate, and you will have more opportunity to learn quickly.

Juilliard is one of the biggest names in the world of performing arts, and a simply amazing experience for anyone wanting to improve and hone their skills. If you harbor aspirations of becoming an actor, a dancer, or a musician, you will benefit so much from the teachings Juilliard can provide you with.