Why Every College Grad Should Get a Dog After Finishing School

Once you are done with your last bout of finals, went through all of the excitement of graduation day, and really realized that you’re done with college, sometimes panic sets in. Now you have to actively start, if you already haven’t, looking for a job in your field, or at the very least get serious about your future and stop being a barista or waitress. All of a sudden the whole concept of adulting is real, and everything starts becoming a lot more stressful.


All of the above, and more, are reasons to get a dog after college; but here’s a breakdown:

  1. Stress Relief

Dogs have proven their worth when it comes to stress relief. Whether in hospitals, tragedy stricken locations, or in your own place, dogs provide a way to relieve some pressure from yourself. Petting a dog, hugging one or just sitting next to one, is enough to make you feel better.


  1. Cute Factor

Along with the stress relief benefit, dogs are just plain adorable. There is no denying that seeing a fluffy dog, whether big or little, triggers something innate within us that makes us melt. Coming home every day to a cute little buddy like that can only improve your quality of life.


  1. Loneliness Be Gone

Upon graduating from college, we usually get our first apartment alone. For anyone living alone for the first time, a dog can be a wonderful solution to the problem of loneliness and security. First of all, you are never actually alone when you have a dog, secondly, there is literally nothing like coming home to a dog who has literally been waiting for you to do just that; their tail is wagging and they jump all over you, the love is always evident. Going to sleep is easier when you have a dog at home with you, whether they are actually capable of protecting you is one thing, but the very fact that they are there is enough.


  1. Socializing

Dog parks, anyone? Being a dog owner is also a great way to meet new people. Going to a local dog park, or even just walking down the block with your furry pet, will be enough to have others with dogs stop and let their dog socialize with yours, and you end up socializing with them. There is something about dog owners that makes them have a united front; perhaps it’s the love for man’s best friend.


Over all, getting a dog after college is a genuinely smart idea, for all the reasons we listed above and more. Everyone has their own reasoning behind getting or not getting a pet. It’s very important that you know that getting a dog is a commitment, just as much as you depend on the dog, they depend on you even more. We, for one, love the notion that there is a mutual need for one another, that our dog really is man’s best friend because ours is absolutely ours.

Lastly, if you do decide to get a dog, adopt one rather than purchasing one from a breeder. There are so many dogs in need of a good home, perhaps you are their forever home waiting to happen? It’s a win win situation if that happens!