Educational (and fun) things you can do during your college summer vacation


As much as you love summer, you also kinda miss the structure and the educational aspect of college (you know, as well as the epic frat parties). Over the course of the summer, many students often think that they’re wasting their free time and that they really should do something productive. So why not bulk out your resume? Take a look at these 5 educational things you can do during college summer vacation.

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Undertake a summer internship

Summer vacation is the perfect time to use the skills you’ve learned over the past year at college, and try to find a place of work related to the field you eventually want to start a career in. Internships offer essential professional and real-life experience that will look great on your resume, as well as give you the chance to explore different career options. Many companies offer unpaid (or paid if you’re really lucky) internships for college students, so finding one should be a walk in the park.
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Reading is the best way to expand your mind and learn something new – and is also pretty fun (if you’re anything like us)! Before the start of the summer, make a list of all the subjects and books that you’d like to read, and get started on them. Reading is incredibly enjoyable and doesn’t need to take up all of your time (meaning you can fit it in between your days on the beach or even do it while at the beach!) You never know, you might uncover a new passion…

Take a trip to the museum

Or if you really like learning, museums! Let’s be honest, the summer vacation can get pretty boring, so take yourself around your town and check out the museums – and it doesn’t even have to cost the world, considering museums offer cheap entry, and some are even free. If you visit all of the ones near you, venture further afield to expand your knowledge even further.


Take summer classes

We know, some of you just love to learn! And that is what we love to hear. There are so many universities, colleges and online platforms where you can take summer classes, extra courses or seminars to learn a bit extra and get you prepared for your next year at college. And these extra-curricular activities will show a great willingness to learn and go the extra mile on your resume – allowing you to stand out from the crowd!

Learn a new language

If you love traveling, have pen-pals or just looking to learn something new – why don’t you learn a new language? Whether you download a free app on your phone or tablet, take classes at your local community center, partake in an online course, or just buy a dictionary and a ‘how-to’ book and teach yourself, there are so many options to learn new languages. Being bilingual is a skill that more and more employers are looking forward to, so get yourself ahead of the game.