Creative Ways to Stay Calm During Exams

Exams are every college student’s worst nightmare. They are extremely stressful and take over our lives, our sleep hours and social lives and sometimes even hygienic habits such as shower time. However, taking the time to properly take care of yourself and try to reduce to stress during this challenging time is one the most effective ways to ensure success and make it through this period in the best way possible!


If you have an effective study strategy, then you are more likely to feel accountable for what you have intended to do and not put it off. And if you study in a productive fashion, you can spend less time studying, however, invest more quality studying. Quality over quantity! And fewer hours of studying inevitably makes for less stress!

Another useful way to stay calm is to actually make time to relax. Studies have shown that taking a break will improve your energy levels and concentration ability.  Make sure you take the time every day to do things that you enjoy. Your mind needs the break and you’ll come back to your studies like a new person.

While many students think that staying up all night studying or working on a paper is the best and most efficient way to go, missing out on sleep while only harm you. Sleep is needed in order to concentrate and retain information. Get a good night sleep and wake up early to get in your study hours. You will be less stressed, remember more information, and receive better grades.


And believe it or not, laughter is one of the best ways to reduce stress. During your break time, spend as much time as possible with friends that bring you up and make you laugh. Laughing increases endorphins and helps control stress hormones.

Most people think that coffee is the answer to all fatigue and to staying awake and focused as long as possible. However taking in too much caffeine can actually cause more problems that do good. It can lead to headaches, stomach aches and increase anxiety.  Rather than consuming endless amounts of caffeine to stay focused, try having just one, as something that you earned for your all your efforts.

There are many people that get so incredibly stressed that they forget to take care of themselves, even when it comes to the most basic things such as showering, doing laundry and working out. These are natural parts of life, and you deserve to be cared for even when in a busier than usual period.  By continuing to do these things it will make the period feel as though it is merely another phase of life, and reduce the stress of it taking over your entire life.

Unplugging can also be a wonderful stress reducer during exam time. While technology can, of course, help you study in many cases, it can also stress you out more and greatly distract you. If you put social media and your text messages aside while you are studying, you will inevitably be able to better focus and feel less as though you are missing out.


One of the best and most simple stress relievers is taking a walk. Doing this on a regular basis can help lower your blood pressure and release more endorphins.  Taking a break from your studying every so open will help you to return with a clear mind.

And of course, breathing is always the answer when you are feeling overwhelmed. Taking deep breaths can help reduce tension during times of high stress. You can even find videos online on how to properly deep breathe or meditate.

One of the most useful, however often times, not the easiest way to stay calm is to maintain your perspective.  In the grand scheme of life, this stressful and busy period is just a short time of it. And as important as exams may be, they are not the most important thing in your entire life. Everything will be ok. Stay calm!