Which college student personality are you?


College can be a daunting time for all of us, and there are so many worries and obligations to consider. You need to know what courses you’ll be taking, as well as whether you’re going to get on with your roommates, etc. There is a lot to think about, and you can answer some of the questions you might have by considering what sort of college personality you are.

You will be able to find out a lot about yourself and how well suited you are to the different aspects of college life by discovering your personality. There are so many different personalities that make up college life, and it’s important that you understand yours. Every student is a unique individual, and this is what makes college life so fascinating. Here are some of the great college student personalities – which one do you fit into?

The bookworm

This one is kind of self-explanatory – these people are generally studious, achieve good grades, and will always have their face in a book. Whether it’s brushing up on Aristotle, or reading one of the Harry Potter books again, the bookworm will always be looking to absorb the written word. If this is someone you consider yourself to be like, you will no doubt be looking forward to the studying side of being a student. You’re likely to take revision and studies seriously, perhaps a little too seriously, and achieve good grades throughout your time in college.

Party animal

Again, this one if pretty obvious, and you are likely to meet a lot of these sorts of people when you start college. The party animal is always the life and soul of the party, and they like to have a good time – even if they have class the next day! They will never be too far away from some sort of social event, and will usually take the time to organize and arrange their own parties or events. These people are fun, sociable, and love to help everyone else have fun – just make sure your studies get some attention too!

The creative one

Many people see themselves as this type of personality – someone who is naturally creative and likes to think outside the box. Creative types will more often than not approach their studies and assignments in a way that is more unique and original than you would see from other students. They view the world through a different filter and like to offer unique viewpoints to the discussion. Creative people would be ideally suited to a career as an art director, graphic designer, or copywriter.


Introspective people often don’t get involved in the conversation unless they have something to offer. You won’t hear much from them unless they’ve got something to say, but they will almost always offer sound advice to those who want it. These people are often overlooked, but a hugely important and valuable part of college life, and you will doubtless have someone like this in your friendship group unless it’s you!

There are loads of different personalities throughout college life, and the more you understand them, the more you can identify which you are. This will help you to figure out where you lie on the social ladder, as well as how your personality might affect your life as a college graduate.