Which college student personality are you?


One of the first things you will notice about college life is the incredibly vast range of different people. Once you have spent some time around different types of people, you may notice that college students tend to be able to be categorized into a few personality types. So which college student personality are you?

The Party Animal

It is impossible not to spot the Party Animal – they are the center of attention, chugging beers and busting moves. You will never not see the Party Animal at a fun social event, and the party starts when they walk in! If you are a Party Animal, remember to give a little time to your studies too. Otherwise your college career – including the parties – will be over before you are ready!

The Bookworm

If you care more about studying than partying, and feel that a night in with your favorite novel beats going out to socialize, you are probably a Bookworm. Generally speaking, Bookworms are very studious and tend to achieve well in college, thanks to all those nights spent studying. If you are a Bookworm, try to challenge yourself to look outside of your comfort zone occasionally, and enjoy an activity other than re-reading your Harry Potter Books.

The Creative

The artistic, free spirit of the group, who will think outside the box in every way. If you are on a group project with a Creative, they will have some great ideas, but pinning them down might be difficult! These are the kind of people who will hand make gifts and party decorations, usually taken from Pinterest. If you are a Creative, make sure you put as much effort into the academic side of your work as you do the fun, creative stuff.

The Extracurricular

An Extracurricular is someone who joins every group, society, and organization possible, while at college. They are on the school newspaper, head up sports teams and organize charity events – you will be lucky to find space in their diary to hang out! If you are an Extracurricular, remember that it is okay to take a break now and then – you can’t pour from an empty jug.

The Mother

Every friendship group has a Mother. The person that has bandages and aspirin on them, and knows exactly how to cook a chicken without giving anyone food poisoning. The Mother is the person everyone goes to when they are sick, worried, or need advice, however, this is a lot of pressure, so if you are the Mother, be sure to look after yourself too!

While you are at college, you are likely to encounter a variety of these people, and you may even be able to recognize yourself in some of these! It is not completely unusual to find yourself transitioning from one personality to another over the years. For example, a lot of people who start their college years as a Party Animal, will eventually settle down and before more studious and may even find themselves as a Bookworm! Don’t feel as though you have to be one type of person throughout college.