The best movies about college life


If you’ve just been accepted to college, the months running up to your moving date can be pretty tedious. By this point, you want to get in your car, drive to your new campus, dump your stuff in your new dorm, make friends for life and get your groove on (oh, and learn a bit. That could help, too). So what do you do in the run-up to your Freshman year? Well, you could work and earn a bit of cash. You could also do a bit of studying to get you ahead of the game. OR you could make a pillow fort and set up your own personal movie-theater underneath your sheets, avoid adult life for a while and watch some of the best movies about college life. We prefer the latter.


If you’re nervous about the impending workload of college and the stresses of pushy teachers – this movie probably isn’t for you. But it is incredible. Whiplash follows the life of an undergraduate jazz student at the incredibly prestigious Shaffer Music Conservatory as he takes on his first year and pushes his talents to the limits. As a talented drummer, this Freshman is invited to play in the college studio band to play the dastardly difficult ‘Whiplash’ composed by Hank Levy. However, it’s difficult to improve when you have a violent and abusive teacher. This movie takes you on a journey through some of the toughest aspects of college – and is perfect to watch. If you ever have a bad day at college or are scared about the next few years of your life, remember it could never be as bad as Whiplash!

The Social Network

We all know the story of how Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to start his multi-billion dollar empire (I mean, it’s hard to forget) and The Social Network movie goes into this in more detail. Despite its obvious ending, The Social Network goes into all of the trials and tribulations we will experience at college; relationships, broken relationships, revenge, laughter, parties, friends, and lawsuits (okay, hopefully, the last won’t happen to you). Although the story is a little far-fetched for the average college student, the backstory does give us an insight into college life and can give us an idea of the outcome if we really push ourselves and believe in our invention. What’s best about this is that it’s a true story, and we use the outcome of it, Facebook, every day (probably more than we should, let’s face it).


Legally Blonde

Let’s be honest, we all want to be Elle Woods. Although we have to say it’s against most college rules to have a dog (sorry, you’ll have to leave Bruiser 2.0 at home), you can definitely take a few pointers from the incredible Elle Woods. As much as college will be the best few years of your life, there will always be people who will want to put you down and make you feel insecure and small. Elle Woods is the perfect example of this. She was the victim of this belittling, but she used the negativity to push herself even further to obtain her degree, become the best darn lawyer in America AND get another movie.

National Lampoon’s Animal House

When many people think of college, they think of frat-parties – and it’s not hard to understand why, considering they are LEGENDARY. National Lampoon’s Animal House gives us a slightly over-the-top recreation of the average fraternity, and it is absolutely hilarious. There’s booze, there are boys, there’s embarrassing 1960s haircuts and mustaches, and there’s a whole load of fun. A must-see for any new college student. Although we wouldn’t suggest going against your college dean in a full-blown rebellion, maybe leave that until your second year.

Revenge of the Nerds

In a college world full of jocks, fraternities, and sororities – it can be a hard life for nerds. But it doesn’t need to be. Revenge of the Nerds is the perfect movie for anyone feels like they have more brain than brawn because brain can often overpower brawn! In this film, the nerdy ‘outcasts’ soon get fed up with the constant bullying and join forces to create their own fraternity. It’s a true underdog story and one that will leave you feeling empowered for your first day of college.

Off to college soon? Make sure you watch these movies before you go!