The best community colleges in the US


Higher education is a crucial part of helping bolster the economy and trying to improve the labor and job markets. There are so many wonderful opportunities for those who have enrolled in higher education, but this is becoming less common these days. The increase in tuition fees and the boom of micro businesses has led to a decline in college and university applications, and some worry about the impact this will have on the business world.

Fortunately, we have community colleges to pick up some of the slack. These are a hugely important part of the education system in the United States. If you’re unfamiliar with community colleges, they are institutions that generally offer two-years of a course to students, who can then move elsewhere to complete their degrees. These are some of the absolute best community colleges in the country.

De Anza Community College, California

One of the biggest draws of De Anza is the fact that it’s one of the best-value colleges. Students studying here will only have to pay the equivalent of around $30 per credit hour – making it one of the cheapest community colleges in the country. And, as if that weren’t appealing enough, there are also some fantastic resources on offer as well. It’s the perfect place to get career advancement for the nearby Silicon Valley, and there are some amazing courses to choose from too.


East San Gabriel, California

Sure, the name of this place might be a tongue twister, but, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the finest community colleges in the whole of the US. The main appeal of this place is that every single first-time, full-time student will receive financial aid! There is a grant package that can top $3,500, and one of the best graduation rates in the country. If you want to use community college as a way of securing a brighter future, this is the place you need to check out.

Walla Walla Community College, Washington State

This educational and cultural hub in southeast Washington is one of the top colleges on our list, not least because its facilities and programs span several counties. The academic courses are transferable, and thus ideal for those looking to move to another establishment. There are some great courses, and, also, and emphasis on local learning and skills as well. Walla Walla (yeah, we know it sounds hilarious) has won awards for excellence in the past and is definitely one of the leading US community colleges.


Erwin Technical Center, Florida

Florida is one of the most gorgeous states in the country, but that’s only one of the reasons to enroll at Erwin. There are over 20 programs to choose from, and the school has an 80 percent job placement! There are some cool courses, as well as practical workshop programs that really help you get the most out of your time here. Erwin is one of the leading community colleges in the United States and one you certainly need to consider.

There are so many excellent colleges in the United States, but many of them get overlooked. If you feel like community college is your thing, it’s important to swot up on what the best ones are. The best way to do that is to make use of our list, and decide on the types of colleges you feel most appeal to you.