American Customs That Are Offensive In Other Countries


Want to blend in during your travels like a vacationing chameleon? Or perhaps impress with your perfect manners and knowledge of local customs? Then this list is for you.

Asking people how they are doing

In some countries, this is taken literally, and people can end up giving you their life story. If you often ask it can come across as insincere in many countries, so leave to a minimum.


Putting your legs up

In Muslim countries it can cause huge offense to show the soles of your feet, either shoed or otherwise, so resting those weary feet may have to wait until you’re back in your hotel room.


Saying thank you

You may find it odd, but in many parts of Asia saying thank you to those close to you can be very awkward as it’s too formal. It implies a good deed wouldn’t have been done otherwise.


Talking to strangers in public

Some reserved countries such as those in Scandinavia can find it odd if you compliment them on something they’re wearing. Best to leave your t-shirt coveting hidden.