7 ways to make someone smile


You might know someone who could benefit from smiling a little more. So if you want to spend the sunshine into their lives, try some of these simple tricks to spread your happiness and make it contagious.

Smile first

One of the best and simplest ways to make someone else smile is by smiling at them first. Although this may sound rather silly, smiling at someone will surely lighten up their day. Even if they do not return the smile, their heart is without a doubt smiling and feeling the positive vibes. Smiling is completely free and takes a mere few seconds to do, so smile away and shower everyone with them.


Compliment someone

Another effective way to make someone else smile is by complimenting them. This, however, does not mean that you have to go around constantly thinking of how to compliment people. Fake compliments are not cool and the person receiving them will probably know that it is not very genuine. But when you do something that is quite marvelous, do in fact let the person know that you are admiring them!

Say something positive

Never pass up a chance to share good things about other people. Whether it be a compliment or an accomplishment, try to always let people know that they are noticed and appreciated. So if you hear someone say something nice about a co-worker, take the time to let them know.

Listen to them

Listening may not lead to a smile right away, however, it is a great way to make sure that someone will be smiling inside. We do not often listen often in such a busy and fast-paced society. Taking the time to really listen to what someone else has to say can really change their mood.


Surprise someone

Surprising someone with even the smallest of gifts, calling them up, or giving them a back massage can lead a person to be seriously happy, and therefore be full of smiles. It really does not have to very costly or take a lot of effort to make someone smile. It’s the small things that go a really long way.

Write a letter

Nowadays, the only things people really get in the mail are bills and advertisements.  Ever think of sending a handwritten card to a loved one in order to cheer them up? Emails and texts are of course always good, but letters are so unique and special since the person will see that you invested the time to write it and send it out.

Be courteous

Yet another wonderful way to make someone smile is being courteous. It could be something extremely simple such as holding a door open or even allowing cars to merge into your lane, which is not something that happens all the time. There are a myriad of ways to be courteous in your everyday life and will surely brighten up someone’s day.