7 proven ways to fight a hangover

There are tons of products that claim to cure a hangover for those rough mornings following a crazy night of partying. However, these products do not really help rid you of your headache, nausea, and overall crappy feeling. And while we all know that the best cure is simply drinking less, it if often easier said than done. Here are some simple remedies that are proven to really work.

1. Water

Water is the most basic thing in the world, however also one of the most natural, healthiest and effective ways to help ease the side effects of a hangover.  Alcohol is a diuretic, and after a night with several trips to the bathroom, you are likely to wake up seriously dehydrated. Before going to sleep, drink 16 to 20 ounces of water. And the next time, to avoid even getting to such a point, have a glass of a water after every drink. This way you’re much less likely to wake up with a terrible hangover.


2. Sports Drinks

Since alcohol is a diuretic, the body loses some electrolytes.  Sports drinks are filled with electrolytes and can help your hangover symptoms. However, they do not need to be replaced right away.  Water is always your best bet and a cheaper way to go, but if you want to invest in some Gatorade, then go for it!

3. Coffee

Many people, regardless if they are hungover or not, use coffee to start their day and really feel alert. While a cup of coffee won’t give you lasting benefits, caffeine can really help your headaches. However, if you do have some coffee, drink water as well since caffeine is also known to cause dehydration.

4. Toast or Crackers

Your mother probably gave you toast when you were a kid and couldn’t digest anything. This too works for grownups who are about to vomit.  There is no food that can actually stop what is happening in your stomach, however, carbohydrates can bring blood sugar levels back up in the morning. This is turn, can help you feel less irritable and tired.

Woman with a hangover after a party

5. Greasy Food

It’s all about what you eat before everything you drink. What you eat after you drink doesn’t play any role really. Eating enough before alcohol enters your liver makes the process of the alcohol entering your bloodstream take longer.  Therefore, eating greasy food before drinking will make you drunk less quickly and perhaps this way you will be able to better pace yourself, and have less of a chance of waking up with a terrible hangover!

6. Pain Medication

There is nothing quite like some anti-inflammatory drugs to ease a pounding head. A pill or two of aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen can do just the trick. However, be careful with what you take. If you combine these medications with an overloaded liver it can cause serious damage and can even be deadly. Avoid taking Tylenol at all costs.


7. Exercise

A normal serving of alcohol is metabolized by your body within an hour, and therefore sweating it out does not really need to be done, exercise, in fact, has other hangover-helping factors! The mere release of endorphins from the physical exertion could seriously improve your mood, as well as make you feel better about everything you drank last night. Make sure to drink lots of water, you wouldn’t want to make yourself even more dehydrated!