3 YouTube Mini-Series You Should Totally Watch

YouTube has been around since 2005 but it definitely seems like the video sharing website has been a part, actually an inseparable part of our lives forever. From listening to our favorite music to watching the most hilarious viral videos about cats, it’s safe to say that Youtube has changed our lives for the better. There’s no wonder, then, how YouTube has also become the home of some of the best and most promising webseries.

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If you’re asking yourselves why you should be watching TV through YouTube, then the answer is pretty simple. There really isn’t much difference than binge watching your favorite shows on your laptop, and you’re not compromising on quality and production value, at least not with some of them. The biggest advantage is that the webisodes (yes there’s such a thing) are usually short, concise and to the point, making the storylines reach their peak or their punch much quicker and you can watch them anywhere and anytime with your phone. In this fast paced era, having a 3 minutes episode is sometimes more than enough and it’s just the right amount that a person needs in order to have his daily amount of escapism.


We’ve searched the web in order to find the best YouTube miniseries that you should definitely be watching next time you log on.

Bad Internet

We know it sounds a bit awkward to recommend as how named Bad Internet after this long introduction, but if you need a boost of humor in your life, that’s your show. The sketches are surprising, original and the acting is just on point. This show is a CollegeHumor production and it has a total of 10 episodes about Internet fails and how we are all so influenced by the WWW, to the point that it takes over our lives decisions. It’s well written and the comedy is great.


Bad Internet Channel

Rhett & Link’s Buddy System

Talk about becoming a sensational web star!  Rhett and Link have actually been in or media lives for quite sometime now, for over a decade in fact. This content-creating superstars own one of Youtube’s most humorous and unique channels. The two have been long time friends since first grade and they’ve come a long way since their YouTube sketches and low-budget infomercials. On their web series, they pretty much play an extravagant version of themselves who embark on a journey to hunt down a ‘co ex-girlfriend’ who is threatening to jeopardize their successful talk show. Their daily online morning show, Good Mythical Morning, has over 19 million subscribers and more than 4 billion views! These Intertainors (that’s how they refer to themselves) are a duo to follow.

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Rhett & Link’s Buddy System Channel

Escape the Night

Escape the Night is pretty much reality show meets escape room meets Big Brother. It has the right amount of mystery mixed up with the the sense of competition that we all love so much to watch. It is after all some sort of a reality show. The creator, Joey Graceffa, debuted the first episode in the summer of 2016 and straight from the first episode the viewers are drawn into the surreal world that he created. The show portrays 10  guests who have been invited to a roaring 1920’s mansion, where they are given different characters and are being locked so they won’t escape.


Escape the Night Channel