25 Best College Football Teams


Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech’s team have been unlucky over and over in the past. Nobody can forget the heartache of five losses and only one win at the Bowl Championships. They’re a team that can endure, though, and certainly worth watching.



Florida State University

Five losses and two wins at the Championships might be considered a fluke to many. The team are widely plagued by injuries, so to some degree, you can’t blame them for failing to go the distance. Change up in play style could benefit them greatly.



University of Michigan

Michigan hasn’t done as well as we’d like them to do in past Championships. Their two wins out of their five appearances were joyous occasions, though. Six Hall of Famers have played for the team in the past, and they’ll hopefully produce more in the future.



Stanford University

Despite Stanford University’s best efforts it seems that their home game attendance levels are flagging barely above 50,000, which explains their modest revenue intake last year. Still, with two Bowl Championship win and three Hall of Famers, they’re a respectable team.



University of Wisconsin

Up to four Hall of Famers can call the University of Wisconsin their starting block. The team has struggled to five Bowl Championships appearances in the past, with a respectable two wins. This team is worth following for the meanwhile, as they’re the wildcard of College Football.


University of Georgia

While arguably their Bulldog mascot is a great little marketing tactic, their play leaves something to be desired. Two wins out of three Championships appearances is good, but the team can be doing so much better than this.