25 Best College Football Teams

College Football, the battleground where future NFL legends are made. Any fan of the game knows that College is the very forefront of the sport! Here are 25 of the best College Football teams to dominate the sport in the last five years.

University of Mount Union

With their incredibly low popularity and barely above $300,000 in yearly revenue, don’t expect these guys to make their first Bowl Championships for some time yet. There’s still hope, though.


North Dakota State University

Despite best efforts, North Dakota State University’s team are going nowhere fast. No Hall of Fame players, no Bowl Championship appearances. They barely made $4.4 million in revenue last year too. Still, there’s promise!



Appalachian State University

Appalachian State has spent the past 15 years in stasis in Division 1, having only moved up as of 2014. They’ve produced no Hall of Fame players and haven’t appeared in a single Bowl Championship Series. That’s not a reason to count them out just yet.



University of Tennessee

A 100,000 strong home crowd doesn’t seem to get the University of Tennessee’s team fired up. Two appearances and only 1 win in the Championships has taken the fire out of some of the older players. When the new ones come through, though, this team could take off.


Texas A&M

Texas A&M don’t have a long history of producing legendary players, with only one Hall of Fame player to their name. With only one appearance in the Bowl Championship Series too, they’re nearly on the lowest rung of this list.



University of Notre Dame

Spirited fans couldn’t save this team from four failures at the Bowl Championships Series. They have a strong record of putting out Hall of Fame players, though, but these individual standouts just couldn’t deliver the team as a whole to victory.



University of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska’s one Bowl Championship Series win has gone down in history for locals. They may have only produced three Hall of Fame members so far, but that number could likely change as they continue to improve.



Penn State

For a team that has produced six Hall of Famers, their single Championships win must sting for fans. The team as a whole may not be able to get the results they want, but you know they’re capable of refining and producing great players.